We ask that all members who participate in group rides also join either Cycling UK,  British Cycling or British Triathlon*. Membership of these organisations provides 3rd party liability insurance cover for at least £10M. This provides cover if claims are made against you in the event of an accident. Claims could be made by other riders or road users in general. Membership of the Didcot Phoenix Cycling Club, does not in itself provide any insurance benefits. Potential new members will only be covered for their first five rides by the club’s insurance whilst they have a genuine interest in joining the club.

Affiliate membership of the Cycling UK can be bought through the club for just £28. This does not have all the benefits of full Cycling UK membership but provides the necessary insurance cover element. Affiliated Cycling UK membership does not provide legal assistance whereas full Cycling UK membership does.

British Cycling Ride, or Racing Silver Membership offers a similar level of cover at a similar cost. Please note that the British Cycling ‘Race Bronze’ package does not include liability insurance cover.

To see more details about BC insurance cover please go to:


To see the introductory membership offer with British Cycling please go to:


To see more about affiliate membership with the Cycling UK go to:


*Other organisations may also offer a similar level of liability insurance.