Where do our Club Rides depart from?

  • All our Club Rides depart from Boundary Park, Didcot.

What are ‘coffee rated’ rides?

Our Rides vary in pace and distance, so we set up the below coffee ratings (can you tell we like coffee?):

  • Espresso – Rides approximately 60 miles at 18-19 mph
  • Cappuccino – Rides approximately 50 miles at 16-17 mph
  • Latte – Rides approximately 30 miles at 15- 16 mph
  • Decaf – Rides under 25 miles at 14-16 mph

Will I get dropped (left behind)?

Our Sunday Club Runs and Decaf/try-it rides operate a “no drop” philosophy. The group will discuss pace before heading out and will stop to re-group on climbs if necessary. Many people are worried about getting dropped and you certainly won’t be the only person wanting to take their time on climbs! The aim of these rides is to provide a social, diverse and inviting atmosphere.

DTR (Didcot training rides) are designed to be a challenge. We advise specifying a group appropriate to ability as these rides are designed to test and develop you as a rider. Riders are welcome to pull off and make their own way home if the ride is too intense.

What do I bring/not bring with me?

  • Bring:
    Your bike – Give your bike a quick once over before heading out. Check brakes, tyre pressures and lights are working and not on the flash setting (if dark).
  • A helmet
  • Wear comfortable sports gear. We recommend cycling specific gear (remember, you don’t wear pants under lycra shorts!!)
  • Water and maybe a snack such as a energy gel/bar or banana.
  • Spares – Inner tube, mini pump, tyre levers etc
  • And yourself of course!

Don’t bring:

  • A D Lock – We always try to keep an eye on our bikes when we stop for coffee.
  • A TT bike (save these for our time trials!)
  • A rucksack

How do I sign up?

Each activity has its own sign up sheet. Navigate to the activity of your choice on our website, here you will find the appropriate sheet.

How do I join the club?

Link to Club membership through BC –https://www.britishcycling.org.uk/club/profile/1544/didcot-phoenix-cc. ‘Senior’ Membership is £20 for the calendar year.

We ask that all members who participate in group rides, such as our club runs, also join either Cycling UK or British Cycling (BC). Membership of these organisations provides 3rd party liability insurance cover. This provides cover if claims are made against you in the event of an accident. Claims could be made by other riders or road users in general. Membership of the Didcot Phoenix Cycling Club, does not in itself provide this benefit.

New members will only be covered for their first three rides by the club’s insurance.

I am a non-member. Am I allowed to join in?

Yes! You can join us on our ‘Decaf’ or Sunday Club runs.

You are covered by our club insurance for 3 rides. After these are up, we would politely ask you to join as a member of the club (please see question above for membership link).

Who do I contact?

Our committee has many members who are always on hand and happy to help! Please see here. Here you will find out a little about us and our details.

Where do your rides go?

Please see our library of routes here

Do you run women’s specific rides?

No. Our rides are usually mixed (based on pace and distance), but we have an ever-growing number of ladies in our club, including 2 on our committee! You will not be alone.

We also have a dedicated working group for the promotion of equality and diversity within cycling (and our club in particular).

Are you on social media?

Yes! We are on Instagram (didcotphoenixcc) and on Facebook (Didcot Phoenix Cycling Club). Please click the social media icons on the banner to go straight there!!